Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had two special trick-or-treaters stop by the studio. Yes, that's our grandbabies, Ian and Reagan. Adorable, aren't they?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Bicycle Ride to Boxley

Had a great bike ride on Sunday, lots of photos, check it out:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Epley Crowned 2008 Football Homecoming Queen

Friday, October 23, the Berryville Bobcats held their annual homecoming festivities. Beth Epley, representing the Junior Class, was crowned 2008 Football Homecoming Queen.

On Friday evening, the Bobcats picked up a victory over Gentry.
To view photos from the homecoming ceremonies, go to:
Click on "Sessions"
Enter password: bvhc2008_football
Photos will be online until November 15, 2008.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Announced Here First....November Family Special

You heard it here first. We've not put this on the radio yet. Not in the newspaper. Not even done our mailouts, but will come out soon, here's what's happening.
In visiting with several photographers from around the country, I find that a few will open up one Sunday a year to do family portraits. As part of our 30 year anniversay celebration, we are having a two day, week end family portrait special.

Family Portrait Week End Special.
Two Days Only, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, November 8 and 9.
No Session Fee
20% Off Regular Prices
View Proofs less than one week after session, or order online.

1. Sessions are in studio only.
2. Session will be up to 15 minutes.
3. One outfit only.
4. Please arrive dressed and ready to be photographed.
5. Choice of several backgrounds.

6. Call for appointment.

To reserve a time, call 870-749-2588 or 1-800-467-4686.
Check our web site:

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ok, guys. Put on your thinking cap a minute. How much are they advertising their movie rentals? If something is priced "$99", then that means ninety-nine dollars, right? Ok, it you add a decimal point and make it be "$.99", then we know that means ninety-nine cents, right? Now, if something is priced "99 cents", then that's ninety-nine cents, right? Ok, if you add the decimal point and make it ".99 cents", then in reality the price is no longer "99 cents", but it's "point 99 cents", or in other words ninety-nine, one-hundredths of a penny, correct? It's a bit less than one penny each, ten for a dime, one-hundred for a dollar, etc.
One word of caution, never try and convince a store clerk of that!
Sorry, just one of my little pet peeves!

I guess being raised a Baptist, I found this sign a bit funny.
This was a sign at the store that advertised movies for ".99 cents". Guess they make up for the cheap movies by selling expensive beer!

Sure am enjoying my new pocket-sized point-and-shoot camera!

Sunday Bike Ride - Springfield

Heading west on hwy 186 near Kristy and Jake's home in Rogersville. Wonder roads, with few hills. I met several others on bikes. Someone told me it was a very popular road for area bikers. On the Sequiota Trail, just west of 65 and south of 60. As you can see, it's used by many people, both bikes and walkers/joggers on a nice Sunday!
You wouldn't think from the looks of this wooded area, that it's not much more than a mile to Battlefield Mall!
I stopped for a Dr Pepper slushie at a convenience store, one of my favorites! Can't find those in Carroll County. Takes a while to drink it, so found out it would fit in my second water bottle cage!
The maples showing first signs of fall colors. Should be really pretty in another couple of weeks.
The bike path continues on to western Springfield. This section is just west of Campbell, between the east and west lanes of Sunset.
It was a delight to discover Nathanael Green/Close Memorial Park. Lots of nice landscaping and flowers.
Here's the bike map. I rode from the eastern most point to the western most point (the route marked in green).
Several tunnels go under the highways. Lajunta said this looked like something from X-Files.
More of the winding trail in western Springfield.

We visited Kristy and Jake at their new home in Rogersville this past week end. I threw in my bike, just in case it was a nice day for biking.
It was a wonderful day! I left their home, and rode west on hwy 186. It was a straight shot for several miles. Only one big hill the whole day!
I wasn't really sure where I was going, or where I'd end up, but I had plenty of time to explore. I headed in a general direction towards Springfield, and was pleasantly surprised when I came to Lake Springfield, and the Sequiota Trail. I've ridden it several times. I rode to the far north end of the trail, at Pershing Middle School. I then headed west, following the many "Bike Route" signs. This took me through several residential areas. Traffic was not bad at all.
Beginning to get a bit hungry after noon, I came to Buckingham's BBQ. Enjoyed a BBQ pork sandwich.
I didn't realize the bike trail went to west Springfield. Rode out south of the federal prison, then through Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park.
Passed a parking lot that was having some sort of a car show. Thought I'd ride through it, but seen a sign, "No bicycles". So I turned around and went back on the bike trail. Finally, I came to a dead end and a "No Trespassing" sign.
I turned around, rode back east to National St, then headed south to A&B Cycle (that was some alert riding!). My bike had been making a "popping" noise that I wanted checked out. Before long, going to need to replace some sprockets. I left the bike with them, and Karla and Jason picked me up, and took me back to Kristy's.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Newspaper interview!

Photo: Anna Matthews interviewing Larry for feature story for the Carroll County News.

Anna Matthews, from the Carroll County News, visited our studio on October 8th. She's doing a story about us! She had read that we are celebrating 30 years of business, and wanted to write a feature story on us.
Be watching the paper in a couple weeks.
Thanks, Anna!
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