Thursday, August 24, 2006


I was waiting outside one day this week, while a senior went inside to change clothes. I got to watching a butterfly on my wildflowers, and was able to get this photo.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Birthdays Are So Much Fun.. . .

. . . . . .especially the first birthday. Today we had a fun session, a birthday boy eating his cake. He had a great time too, as you can tell from the photos!
We're glad to schedule "first birthday" photos. Just bring baby and the cake!

August Is Here, We Still Have Wildflowers

This photo was taken August 9. As you can see, the wildflowers still look great. We have been keeping them watered.
The flowers have been extremely popular this year.

Meet My Helper

This summer my nephew, Matt Plumlee, has been assisting me with portraits and weddings. Matt is the 13 year old son of my brother, Terry. He lives near the studio.
During the week, Matt helps me in the camera room by setting up backgrounds, moving lights and props, and running errands. Outdoors, he carries my lighting accessories and holds reflectors. I recently let him take a few photos during a senior session at Yocum Creek. I wanted a close up shot of the senior in the water, but didn't want to wade out there myself. So I handed Matt the camera, and asked him if he'd wade out and take the photo. He did a great job, check out the photo!

On Saturdays, he sometimes helps with weddings. When he's not carrying equipment, I hand him a camera and tell him to take candids. We have been impressed! Check out his photos!