Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Bomb In Berryville?

On Thursday afternoon, September 29, I was in Berryville running some errands. I noticed something was going on around the court house. Streets were blocked with tape reading "Sheriff Line Do Not Cross". Police cars sat with lights flashing. People were gathering.
I found someone who told me this story:
A trial was in process, when the defense presented a piece of evidence. Upon examination by the judge, he ordered the bailiff to take the device outside.
The court room was evacuated.
The whole building was evacuated.
Police lines were set up about a block around the court house.
The bomb squad was called.
A robot picked up the device and took it around to the side of the court house, where there was a pile of gravel. The robot was behind the gravel, so I couldn't see it, but then someone yelled, "Fire in the hole!" and something exploded. Not a huge explosion, but an explosion. I don't know whether it was the device that actually exploded or whether an explosive was used to destroy the device.

Who says exciting ever happens in a small town?