Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ok, guys. Put on your thinking cap a minute. How much are they advertising their movie rentals? If something is priced "$99", then that means ninety-nine dollars, right? Ok, it you add a decimal point and make it be "$.99", then we know that means ninety-nine cents, right? Now, if something is priced "99 cents", then that's ninety-nine cents, right? Ok, if you add the decimal point and make it ".99 cents", then in reality the price is no longer "99 cents", but it's "point 99 cents", or in other words ninety-nine, one-hundredths of a penny, correct? It's a bit less than one penny each, ten for a dime, one-hundred for a dollar, etc.
One word of caution, never try and convince a store clerk of that!
Sorry, just one of my little pet peeves!

I guess being raised a Baptist, I found this sign a bit funny.
This was a sign at the store that advertised movies for ".99 cents". Guess they make up for the cheap movies by selling expensive beer!

Sure am enjoying my new pocket-sized point-and-shoot camera!


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