Saturday, May 10, 2008

New! Personalized Senior Portrait Videos

When working with high school seniors, we have to make sure we always have something new and exciting. This year we are adding a personalized "Senior Portrait Video". We put it on a DVD, that you can take home, put in your DVD player, and watch on tv!
This is actual video footage shot during the senior's portrait session, with still images added. Kelly does all the actual editing and creation of the video.
Want to see what I'm talking about? Check out this link and click on one of the videos:

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Senior 2009 Specials

Kelly is working on updating our senior web site (
As in past years, we have our June special, save 75% off your session fee.
We are still doing free senior t-shirt for those photographed during the summer months.
We've added a new "Senior Video" this year.
We've added 3 gas-buster specials:
#1. For each mile you live from our studio, we'll give you $1 off the purchase of any package (limit $50).
#2. Order from home, save a trip to the studio (see story below).
#3. When you place you order, pay the balance in full and we'll ship it free of charge.

Call our studio to make your appointment. .870-749-2588 or 1-800-467-4686.

New Studio Option A Gas-Saver

With gas prices soaring, I've been thinking, "How can I help our clients cut down on their trips to the studio, saving time and gas?" We came up with an idea. We've tested it, and seems to work wonderful! Here's the details.
In the past, when you placed a portrait order, you came to the studio and viewed your images on our 40"x60" screen (if you live locally, that's still the best way to order). But what if you live an hour or more away, and could order at home? Or what if you are just busy, and would like the convenience of ordering from home? I'm not talking about some non-personal internet "shopping cart", but a really cool situation, where we talk to you on the phone, and you view OUR computer screen right in your home!
Many of you will still prefer to come to the studio, and sit down with us to place your order, and that's perfectly fine. We love to do that. But for those people whose schedules are busy, or who want to save some gas, we now offer the in-home ordering. This doesn't have to be done during business hours. We can do evening appointments too!
We are excited to offer this special option, especially for our clients who drive an hour or more to our studio.
Way back in the film days, clients made four trips to the studio: #1. photo session, #2. pick up proofs, #3. place order, and #4. pick up order. Now, you could just do one trip, and that's for your session. You can order with our in-home ordering, and have it shipped to you!
Sound like to much technology? You can still order in the studio like you always have, no problem.
If you have any questions about this, please give us a call.