Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New! Small Event Packages from $299

For sometime we've been thinking about adding packages for smaller social events, such as wedding anniversaries, reunions, and even small weddings. In visiting with a few other photographer friends, we've come up with a couple small packages.
The $299 package has 10 8x10's. There is also a 20 8x10 package for $449. In order to keep prices low, we visit with you before the event and make a list of the photos you want. Time is also limited to one hour for the $299 package. The $449 package is for up to 2 hours.
Some photographers are finding that people will book these type packages for a not-so-small wedding. Perhaps they have friends that are amateur photographers who are good at candid photography, but the bride wants to makes sure they don't miss the really important traditional wedding photos. With the $449 package, we could do a few photos of the ceremony, the group photos, the bride & groom, and perhaps the cake cutting. You get 20 8x10's. Then rely on your friends for all the pre-wedding and reception candids. Even the $299 package would be good for just group photography.
Our newest digital equipment makes it feasible for us to offer this lower price. Our location lighting set up is much more portable and lightweight than anything we've had in the past!
These packages are not available on all dates.