Saturday, February 14, 2009

Barnes Anniversary

Brad and Kim with their 3 children.

Brad and Kim with their 30th anniversary cake.
Friends gathered in front of the Bella Vista Country Club to greet Brad and Kim.

On Friday, February 13th, we attended a surprise anniversary party for Brad and Kim Barnes. The event was held at the Bella Vista Country Club. Brad has been a fireman with the Bella Vista fire department for many years.
Brad and I go way back. I first met him in 5th grade, when his family moved here from Oregon. His dad had been raised in this area, and moved the family back to Arkansas after Brad's mother passed away. Brad and I were good buddies all through school. He was our senior class president, I was secretary.
Brad's grandparents, Roy and Vera Barnes, lived in Oak Grove, so I knew them for many years. Roy was our school bus driver.
In the fall of 1975, Roy and Vera celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They asked me if I'd take photos. Brad and I had been on the yearbook staff together our senior year. I was the photographer, Brad was sports editor. It was the very first event I was paid to photograph.
Congratulation Brad and Kim!


Anonymous Judi Jeffery said...

Wow how time flies! It was good to see pics of Brad and Kim as I went to school with you and Brad. Judi

8:33 PM  
Blogger 5kdad said...

Judi....we are starting to work on plans for a 35 year school reunion, sometime in 2010.
Send me an email so we can stay in contact:


11:24 PM  

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