Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arkansas Motor Vehicle Law Concerning Bicycles

Today as I was riding my bicycle to work, I was reminded of a law that was passed in Arkansas last year. When you pass someone on a bicycle, you must give them at least 3' or more of space.
Here's a link to the law:
I was riding this morning and was meeting two cars. Someone in a mini-van came up behind me, blew their horn, and didn't slow down a bit, passing me at the same time we met the cars. Luckily, I have a mirror on my glasses, and seen what was happening, so I bailed out of the way. This, on a narrow road, with no paved shoulder to speak of.
So, you may ask, "Why don't bicycles ride far to the right, at the very edge of the road, especially when being passed by a car?" I'll tell you why I don't. #1: There is lots of rocks, glass, and other debris at the edge of the road. You can get flats, or worse yet, cause you to crash. #2: The road is smoother if you ride in spot where right tire of cars go (very noticable if you have those tiny tires inflated to 110psi). #3: Cars see you more easily if you ride over a bit from the edge.
Give cyclists a break! Remember when you see someone on a bike, it's more gas for your car!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome Back, Kayla

Our youngest daughter, Kayla, is now working for us at the studio. All our daughters helped as they were growing up, so she's no stranger to the business.

Kayla is married to Jerod Newberry, and they have one son, Ian.

Kayla's main job will be to monitor our orders-in-process, and make sure everything gets done on time. She has a good sense of organization and we look forward to having her in the studio this year. We hope this will be create more efficient service to all our clients.

Lajunta will still come in to handle sales, but Kayla will more than likely be the one who answers the phone when you call.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby's First Session

We had a fun little girl in for a session today, Aubrey, age 5 weeks.

Aerial Photos

Table Rock Dam with all 10 flood gates open. From the Long Creek area, looking north.

I was hired to do some aerial photos on Monday, April 14. I had a great pilot, Ben, from "Wings of the Ozarks". They offer scenic tours, flight lessons, etc. They are also having a big "fly-in" next month. Check them out. They are based at the Taney County Airport in Branson.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Ian, April 13

Our grandson, Ian, came to see us this weekend. Here's a few of him with Grandma. Sure looks like he is in deep thought in the last one. Probably thinking about driving a John Deere tractor.


I was driving home last week, and notice some beautiful colors in the clouds. I went back to the studio, and grabbed a camera.

I decided to drive up to the top of Saunder's Heights (the mountain over-looking Berryville). That's where both these were taken.

Bicycling Family

A couple years ago, I began reading an on-line travelogue about the Vogel family from Idaho. The parents took a year off from teaching school, and did a cross country bicycle tour with their twin boys (about 8 y/o at the time) that included a loop through Mexico.
At one point, I was busy and didn't check their travelogue for a few weeks. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I found out they had come through Arkansas, and had to stop a few days in Harrison due to bad weather! I would have so enjoyed meeting them, and perhaps treating them to a hot meal, to hear first-hand about their journey.
Well, this summer they hit the road again. Think a year-long trip across the US was a big deal? This time, they are traveling the Pan-American Highway, a 2 1/2 year trip from northern Alaska to the tip of South America in Argentina!
Here's a link to more info, if you'd like to follow their adventure: