Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arkansas Motor Vehicle Law Concerning Bicycles

Today as I was riding my bicycle to work, I was reminded of a law that was passed in Arkansas last year. When you pass someone on a bicycle, you must give them at least 3' or more of space.
Here's a link to the law:
I was riding this morning and was meeting two cars. Someone in a mini-van came up behind me, blew their horn, and didn't slow down a bit, passing me at the same time we met the cars. Luckily, I have a mirror on my glasses, and seen what was happening, so I bailed out of the way. This, on a narrow road, with no paved shoulder to speak of.
So, you may ask, "Why don't bicycles ride far to the right, at the very edge of the road, especially when being passed by a car?" I'll tell you why I don't. #1: There is lots of rocks, glass, and other debris at the edge of the road. You can get flats, or worse yet, cause you to crash. #2: The road is smoother if you ride in spot where right tire of cars go (very noticable if you have those tiny tires inflated to 110psi). #3: Cars see you more easily if you ride over a bit from the edge.
Give cyclists a break! Remember when you see someone on a bike, it's more gas for your car!


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See Please Here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I quit riding a few years ago before my country roads become to dangerous.

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