Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Are We Having Fun???

This year for Father's Day, Lajunta bought me a bike trailer, big enough to haul two kids. I thought it was a bit premature, as I didn't think the grandbabies were big enough to ride. I first rode Reagan a time or two (she's now 7 months). Then last week, I put Ian in the bike, he's just 4 months. They both love it!

I've ridden them several times, each time I stopped, not because they were restless, but because I was tired (I ride them in the yard mostly, not easy riding).
Last Friday we put them both in for the first time. Probably rode them for 30 minutes. Ian went to sleep, Reagan almost did. They seemed very contented!
Yesterday, they both got fussy while Lajunta was rocking them in the house. I took them out, put them in the trailer, and took off. After about 30 minutes, they were both asleep! So I unhooked the trailer, and pulled it inside the house, so they could sleep. Lajunta watched them til they woke up.

Here are 4 of the hundred or so photos Lajunta took of me riding them. As you can see, they are secure. There is a shoulder harness and a seat belt. Plus we keep a close eye on them. We do have little bike helmets for them, but with two in there, sort of afraid they might hurt each other.


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