Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kristy's Birthday Celebration

Friday, June 20, was Kristy's 30th birthday. She's always enjoyed the decade of the 30's, so asked us to all dress in something pertaining to that era. Kristy in her 30's area attire, and Jake as Babe Ruth.
Troy and Chandree Kaufman, with their son Caymen. It was Troy and Chandree who introduced Kristy and Jake to one another.
Jakes parents, Wayne and Marge Loper
Jason as an out-of-work mechanic, and Karla in her 30's attire.
Kim, dressed as "Natty Gann", with a wolf by her side, from a Disney movie.
Kelly as Buckwheat, Reagan as Petey, and Keith as Alfalfa.

Kayla as Darla from "The Little Rascals"
Lajunta went as Amelia Earhart. Mat Plumlee, Brian Nance, and Janetta Smith.
The five Plumlee Sisters.
Hope you had a great birthday, Kristy!


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