Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Grandpa's New Biking Buddy

Grandpa on the road with Reagan. Lajunta bought two baby helments, one pink, one blue.

On Monday, we rode back and forth in front of the house, and up to the neighbors. Reagan rode for a full mile!
She is safely secured. The trailer has shoulder harnesses and a seat belt.

Riding up the road to Reagan's house.
Reagan doesn't seem to mind the helment, so long as we are moving.
End of ride and a happy baby!
Grandpa taking Reagan out of trailer.

For my Father's Day gift this year, I received a two-wheeled trailer to pull behind my bicycle, which is designed to haul two small children. With two new grandbabies, it looks like I'm going to be having some fun!

We've not tried it with Ian (he's just over 3 months, not setting up yet), but Reagan is sitting up, so I've been giving her a few rides! She seems to love it!


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