Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Boys Night Out

On Halloween, it has been a tradition for many years in the Plumlee family for everyone to go to my parents house. This year, the "Missouri" girls were busy and couldn't come down, plus my nephews are getting too old to get very excited about Halloween. Since my brother is home from trucking on Tuesdays, I had a idea to invite all the guys out for the evening. The girls that we not busy stayed the evening with my mom.
Dad is not a sports fan, but I told him he should go with us to a Razorback basketball game. Being first game of the season and Halloween, their shouldn't be a very big crowd. We bought Dad a Razorback shirt and cap.
We bribed dad (told him if he'd go, we'd find a good buffet to eat). We bought our tickets, ran down the road to J.D. China's, and had a good meal.
I photographed the game, and my brother Terry found them great seats.
Pictured are my dad Gene, nephew Cory, son-in-law Keith, nephew Matt, and brother Terry.
I think Dad had a good time, even though he thought there were too many time outs. . .


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