Wednesday, May 03, 2006

News From The Past - Plumlee Senior Portrait Spotted on TV Movie

Several years ago, we did senior photos for Missy Crider, who graduated from Eureka Springs High School. Missy has gone on to a successful career as a actress in Hollywood.
Back in 1994, she did a tv movie called, "Jane's House". We were watching the movie, when during the opening scenes, the camera was panning around the living room of the tv set. There, setting on a desk, was one of Missy's senior photos I had taken! Cool, eh?
I seen her a year or so later, was talking to her, mentioned we seen the movie and noticed her senior photo in the movie. She said something like, "I hope that was ok, they wanted us to bring photos from home to use, to make the set look authentic". I told her sure, I was honored.
We have recently seen her on a few tv shows. . .CSI: Las Vegas and House.
Missy is listed on the "Internet Movie Data Base". Check it out:


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