Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Mom and Dad

Here are my parents. This is a photo I took of them in May 2006 with some of their flowers (gee, is dad smiling?????). They live on a little farm. Dad is retired from the Army Corps of Engineers. Mom was a stay-at-home housewife. Well, actually, she took care of the turkey's we had during the summer (back in the days when they raised them outdoors).
Dad was a deacon at the Freewill Baptist Church in Oak Grove for many years. After he retired, he started preaching. He now pastors a church between Blue Eye and Carr Lane, called the "Gospel Lighthouse".
My kids are the seventh generation of our family to live in Carroll County. According to a book I have, our family came to Carroll County from Tennessee around 1840. They owned land around what is now Berryville. They sold land to Mr. Berry who built the store that became "Berryville".
We have more kin folks in the area on Dad's side of the family. His mom was a Swofford. Mom was an only child, and didn't have as much family. Her maiden name was "Shahan", and her mom's was "Atchley". My grandpa Plumlee farmed. At one time, he owned the garage at Oak Grove. My grandpa Shahan worked for the county, graded roads. My grandfathers were good friends, lived not much more than a mile from each other. They were both big hunters and fishermen. My brother inherited those interests.


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