Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Turkeys In The Rain

My dad raised turkeys for many years. Unlike today, once they reached about 8 weeks old, they were taken from the brooder houses and raised outdoors in fields.
Dad had just put a new bunch of turkys outside and it was raining.
Karla was very small and was looking outside at all the turkeys getting wet. I asked her if she thought they needed rain coats.
(Note to those of you who have never seen turkeys outside. The feed is in feeders that are round in shape and are a little larger than a washing machine. They have a cone-shaped lid. There are generally a dozen or so of these feeders in a row, spaced 30 or so feet apart.)
Karla seen the feeders and said, "Maybe they could get in them little motels".


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Well, you know me...always thinking about the logical answer!

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