Thursday, October 25, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This year continues to be "eventful" for the Plumlee family. Last Sunday morning, Lajunta and Larry were going for a walk. They were walking on the road, less then 1/4 mile from their home. Lajunta stumbled and fell! She landed on her right hand, and the side of her face hit the pavement. They had to use the cell phone to call Kim to come and pick them up. Her arm kept hurting, so on Monday she visited the doctor. After a few x-rays, the doctor said she was very lucky to not have broken her arm, it was just a bad bruise. They put her arm in a sling, gave her some pain medicine.

Fast forward to Wednesday. Kelly was leaving the studio a little early. She was walking to her car, turned her ankle, and fell, landing on her hand! She couldn't get up, so she got her cell phone and called Kim in the studio. So for the second time in the week, Kim had a call, "Come and get me, I've fallen down".

Luckily, she didn't fall on her stomach (she's 7 1/2 months pregnant). Her wrist kept hurting, so she went to see the doctor. The doctor didn't think it was broke, but put her arm in a sling and gave her some pain medicine.


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