Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's Your Most Prized Possession?

I was recently watching the news on tv. It was a story about the awful wild fires they are having in California, destroying hundreds of homes.
People were evacuating their homes. What was the most prized possessions they were taking? Their tvs? Their computers? Suitcases of clothing? No. It was their photographs.
Reminded me of when I was on the Oak Grove fire department. When we'd go to a house fire, if there was time to remove items from the home, people would always ask, "Can you grab the photos on from the walls?" They never asked us to go in and bring out a piece of furniture or other material possession. It was always the photos.
Times like this are a bit humbling for me, to realize that the photos we create for people will become such priceless heirlooms. It certainly gives me food for thought, to make sure I always do the best I can for each and every session.


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