Friday, July 13, 2007

Talley-Matlock Wedding: 07-07-07

July 7th was supposedly one of the busiest days in years for a wedding, 07/07/07. We lost count of the number of weddings we had to turn down for the day (we only photograph one wedding a day).

We had a great wedding that day, the wedding of Danielle Talley and Kenneth Matlock. Danielle is a good friend of my daughter Kelly and son-in-law Keith. The wedding was in Berryville at the Assembly of God Church. Everyone was very punctual (which a wedding photographer REALLY appreciates), so we had plenty of time to do some great photos.

Ceremony was performed by Kenneth's pastor, Bro. Larry Rich and Danielle's pastor, Bro. Keith Butler. Bro. Keith's uncle, Bro.. Harvey Butler, was the minister who married my wife and I, 30 years ago this September!

Congratulations, Danielle and Kenneth!

Check out some of Kelly's wedding album layouts:


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