Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our "All Inclusive" Senior Session Fees and Wedding Prices

Don't you just hate to go buy something, think you are getting a special deal, and then find out what you really want is extra? Feel like you get "nickel-and-dimed" to death?
That's why at Plumlee Photography, our senior sessions fees are so simple. You can book a session from one-half hour up to three hours. Most book the two hour session.
We can do what ever you want for that two hours. Want outdoor photos only? That's fine. Want indoor only, that's ok too (most choose a combination of in and out). Black and white? No extra charge. Extra outfits? No problem, so long as you are a fast changer (most people do 5-7 outfits in 2 hours)! There is no extra session fee for photos with pets, cars, props, friends, the creek, etc. You just have to schedule enough time to do all the photos you want. This makes your session time at Plumlee's so fun and relaxed. You get to be yourself!
How about weddings? When you book your wedding with Plumlee's, we visit with you and determine which coverage is best for your wedding. All wedding collections now include either a CD (with all rights for you to print your own photos) or a combination of a finished album and CD. Once you choose the package that fits your wedding, that's all you have to do. You get all the edited photos from your wedding. No having to sort through proofs to decide which photos go into your album. No having to edit them down to fit into a pre-determined number of photos. No having to pay extra if you want more photos in your album than was purchased. We also do a suggested layout for your album.
We now have wedding coverages beginning at $995, depending upon the size of your wedding.
Price IS important in making a purchase. But one thing is more important and that is, "What am I getting for my money?"


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