Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daddy-Daughter Weekend

I set a tradition of taking each of my daughters out for a special meal on their 16th birthday. When daughter #5, Kayla, turned 16, she was in braces. She wanted to wait until the braces were off, to go eat a nice steak dinner. Well, four years goes by in a hurry, and suddenly she's 20, about to get married, and we've not had our special dinner. I figured since it was four years late, the passing time had drawn some "interest", so I needed to do more than just a dinner out.

Since she is a hockey fan, a couple months ago I got tickets to the St. Louis Blues hockey game. Sunday the 18th was the game vs. the Minnesota Wild.

We drove up on Saturday, and had a meal at a nice Italian restaurant. Kayla had the grilled salmon with portabella mushrooms, spinach tortellini, and lemon dressing. For dessert, she had one of her favorites, Creme Brulee (pictured above).

Sunday morning, we visited the St. Louis Art Museum. Kayla especially loved looking at the sculptures. For lunch, we visted an organic grocery store, which had a buffet. Next it was on to Union Station for some souvenir shopping. Game was Sunday evening.

Blues won, 5-3. Was my first hockey game, found it interesting even though I don't know all the rules of the game. We had great seats, just 4 rows behind the penalty box!


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Looks like you both had a wonderful time. I'm so glad.

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