Monday, September 10, 2007

Meet My Favorite Camera Salesman

Earlier this month, I purchased a new camera from Jerry at Lawrence Photo in Springfield. I was thinking back about the first time I met Jerry.

When I was a senior in high school at Green Forest, I was the photographer for the yearbook. That was my first experience with a camera. On my birthday, my mom and dad took me to Lawrence Photo in Springfield, and bought me a small darkroom kit. That was December 1974. Just two months before that, a new saleman had started working there. His name, Jerry Stokes. Nearly 33 years later, Jerry is still working at Lawrence Photo. He sold me my first professional camera. He has been a great advisor over the years. I remember several times in my early years, going into the store and telling Jerry I wanted to buy a certain piece of equipment. Several times he'd say, "No, that's not want you need, here is what you should buy". And you know what? He was always right! Once in major emergency (I dropped a camera into Yocum Creek the evening before a big event at CofO), I called Jerry at home, to see if he had another identical camera in stock. He did. So I told him, I'd be there when he opened in the morning. He told me, "Come on up now, and we'll go down to the store and get it for you". Wow, what service!

Their prices are competitive, their service unmatched.
Thanks, Jerry, for all your help!


Anonymous Paul said...

Oh!! It's nice post!! I got new camera and it has many features!! Picture quality of this camera totally amazed me...

1:10 AM  

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