Monday, August 27, 2007

MS Bike Ride Training

It's less than three weeks until the 150 mile MS Bike ride. I've been riding my bike, not as much as I really should be, but as much as I can. Biking to work several days a week. Hummm, am I ready to ride 75 miles a day, two days in a row?

Sunday afternoon, I decided to ride up to Kimberling City. Nice terrain, mostly downhill from Blue Eye, but with so many curves in the road, the cars are right on top of you before they see you. Glad I had my mirror on by glasses to watch behind me!
I didn't leave home until about 5:30. Usually I make a circle and come back home. But this time, I told Lajunta, I was just going to ride until dark, and then call and have her come and pick me up. Between Lampe and Kimberling City, I stopped and grabbed a BBQ sandwich at "Jill's". Got it to go. I made it to Kimberling City, 22.5 miles in less than two hours. Average speed was 12 mph.

I called Lajunta, told her where I was, then sat at the lake and watched the sun set, while I ate my BBQ sandwich. So nice and peaceful. I really enjoyed it.

Lajunta came to pick me up, grabbed her camera and wanted to take some photos of me sitting beside the lake. Then we did some of me and my bike against the sun set. I liked this photo the best.

Good job, Lajunta.
If you've not read my post about the ride, here's more information:


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