Monday, April 16, 2007

Digital Files Available On Weddings

For sometime, we've been having brides ask if they can buy a CD of the digital files of their wedding, to print their own photos. So last year, we started offing this service.
We are finding brides want the digital files for one of three reasons:
1. To archive their wedding photos. Most still want us to design and create their wedding album, but it's nice to have the CD in a safe place for the future.
2. We do the album, but some DIY (do it yourself) brides want a CD to make their additional copies, including photos for friends and families.
3. The total DIY bride. Yes, you can buy just the CD, no album from us. You then handle all the printing and design for your album.
Our "CD only" coverages start at just under $1,000.
Brides who purchase the CD are given special instructions on how and where to get the photos printed. Brides are loving this new option!


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