Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year's Biking

View of Table Rock Lake in the Trace Hollow area.
Jerrie at a scenic spot where we stopped to take a photo.

Jake (Kristy's husband) on a New Year's Day ride.
I occasionally joke that scenes like this would really be pretty, if we didn't live here! In other words, we don't enjoy the beauty that is around us.

I've had a couple notable bike rides so far this year. On New Year's Day Jake, one of my son-in-laws (Kristy's husband) joined me for a 10 mile ride. It was in one of my favorite areas to ride. We hauled the bikes to the Hale cemetery, just west of Oak Grove, and started our ride from there. We went in a general northwest direction, and turned around after passing the Missouri state line.
We stopped and visited with a few people I knew along the way, that's always fun.

On Saturday, January 3rd, Jerrie Joubert and I started from the studio, and rode in the same direction as my New Year's Day ride. But this time we rode out the "Ridge Road" and came out on hwy 86, near Trace Hollow in Missouri. We then went down the road into the Trace Hollow area, and came back up by the Boy's Ranch. It was a very hilly 28 1/2 miles!
It was a GREAT day for a bike ride, with temps in the lower 70's.


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